Featured Employee – Luke Eberhard, Logistics Coordinator

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  HG Logistics LLC was my first-time experience in the transportation business and it immediately felt like home. In October 2020, I hit the two-year mark. It’s been a great two years. I have learned a lot on my own and even more through the help of my peers and teammates. We value the team aspect as most of us … Read More

Celebrating Christmas 2020 Style


CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON 2020       HG Logistics LLC celebrated Christmas 2020 with a catered luncheon from Eli’s Barbecue. It was a little different from past years due to COVID-19, but it was still a great time enjoying a good meal with co-workers and being encouraged by what we accomplished as a team in 2020. Just like everyone else, we … Read More

Featured Employee – Travis Shelton, Logistics Coordinator


I started with HG Logistics LLC five plus years ago. I was a college student going to school and working here part time. I had no experience in the transportation industry and no knowledge of semi-trucks outside of what they looked like. My first assignment was searching for trucks to help the sales team with their extra opportunities. After just … Read More

Featured Employee- Duke Heller, Operations Manager


I have been in the logistics industry since cutting my teeth in 1995 and have had the fortunate opportunity to be mentored by several of the area’s best. In January 2008, I started with HG Logistics LLC during its infancy and I am PROUD to say I have had a successful tenure with the company. As in many cases, life … Read More

It Pays to Work with HG Logistics LLC

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Truckstop.com Rating Review No further action is required Upon reviewing your rating with Truckstop.com, we find that an adequate number of references have been reported to us in the last 90 days to accurately reflect your rating as follows: __32__ Days to Pay __A__ Experience Factor ___ (If checked, rating includes non-payment complaints)  

A Win/Win Solution to Your Transportation Needs

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My six-year-old granddaughter is very competitive. She always wants to be first, the best, the fastest, and of course, the winner. Although I admire her fighting spirit to accomplish her goals, sometimes her competitive spirit gets in the way of her relationships. When she is declaring victory, another is sulking in their defeat. This often creates a wedge between her … Read More

7 Reasons to Let HG Logistics Handle Your F..R..E..I..G..H..T!

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F R E I G H T Flexibility: Relationships: Expertise: Insight: Grounded: Handles Issues: Time & Money Saver: HG Logistics LLC can handle the spikes and lows that manufactures and producers experience with normal business cycles. HG can easily adjust to the needs of more or less capacity relieving unnecessary stress for businesses as they travel the ups and downs … Read More

Carriers – HG Logistics’ Other Customer

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Building connections is our goal at HG Logistics LLC. We not only seek to build long, lasting relationships with our customers, but with our carriers as well. Customers are core to our existence, but so are our carriers. Therefore, HG Logistics makes building up our database with “go to” carriers as equally as important as extending our list of returning, … Read More

HG Logistics’ Vision Statement

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There is an old proverb that says that if you have no vision, you will perish. HG Logistics LLC believes there is truth to this saying and thus, we hold true to our VISION. If everyone is aimlessly doing their own thing, nothing gets accomplished. However, when there is a vision and everyone is working towards a common goal, that … Read More