The Spring Rush is On

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The springtime can be a welcome change from the cold, icy and dreary days of winter. Although spring showers do arrive and temperatures aren’t quite sweltering yet, there is something to be said for jacket weather when you’ve been bundled in coats and gloves for a few months. Another thing that spring brings is busy schedules. If you have a … Read More

Too Young to Know Better?

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I spend a lot of time watching sports. I also spend a lot of time talking sports. You may have already noticed this. Regardless, I was recently talking with some friends about the Reds and their season this year. Let me first be honest. The Reds are projected to finish dead last. At my last check, they were at 200-1 … Read More

Atlanta Collapse- A Cause for Concern

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     As most people know by now, the city of Atlanta, Georgia was the scene of a major interstate collapse on Thursday. Photos show the road simply dropped down to the ground beneath it. Reports state that the road collapse was caused by a fire beneath it, which was not the result of any type of criminal activity. The … Read More

Busting Your Bracket

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For many people, including here at HG Logistics, a third party, asset based freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio, March Madness is a wonderful time of the year. We look forward to the nonstop college basketball action, and revel in glory when our bracket beats out our coworkers and friends. The bracket seems to be the thing in March that can … Read More

HG Logistics- What We are NOT

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There are so many freight brokers out there these days that even people outside the freight/ shipping/ warehousing/ manufacturing industries probably know at least one broker. Here in Cincinnati, there are small brokerages everywhere. One seems to pop up just about every day. Who is staffing all of these places? Why here in Cincinnati? I want to talk to you … Read More

Maybe the Groundhog Was Wrong…

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Here in Cincinnati, home of HG Logistics LLC, a third party freight broker, the weather is warming up. I can’t say that I am upset about the fact that the weather reporters this morning were talking about a potential record number of consecutive days over sixty degrees for February. I love the fact that in the “middle of winter”, I … Read More

A-Z of the BEST Freight Brokers


When you’re thinking about using a freight broker, like HG Logistics, a third party broker out of Cincinnati, Ohio, you may wonder what you should be looking for. I have done a little of the work for you here. Based on our experience here at HG Logistics as well as some research, I have found the A to Z basics … Read More

New Year…

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  It’s a new year, and no doubt millions of us are hard at work proving to ourselves that *this* is the year that we will finally stick to our resolutions. When I think about making a resolution, I immediately think of the twenty pounds I’ve gained since last January. I also think of my caffeine addiction, my love for … Read More

Cincinnati – A Lot to Brag About

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  As you may or may not know, HG Logistics, a third party freight broker, is located just on the outside edge of downtown Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a good sized city, and just like so  many others, history shows that we have had our ups and downs. Recently, however, I have noticed that the city has been in the news … Read More

Our Charitable Giving

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As mentioned in a prior post, HG Logistics, a third party freight broker out of Cincinnati and our parent company, Hill and Griffith participated in our annual charitable giving drive. This year we were honored to be able to donate over 60 toys to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and several large boxes of food along with twenty turkeys and hams to … Read More