Benefits of Loyalty

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Isn’t it nice when you walk into your favorite coffee shop, bar, or restaurant and the guy behind the counter knows your name and your order? Being a loyal customer comes with benefits, and that doesn’t stop with food and drinks. I know of several car dealerships who often have tickets to MLB or NFL games on-hand especially for customer … Read More

December Brings the Gift of E-logs

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December is quickly approaching, and with that, big changes to the trucking industry. Many drivers out there on the road are going to have to learn a new skill- keeping an e–log. What is an e–log? It is an electronic record of a drivers hours of service, meant to replace the paper logs that many drivers still use today. The new rule … Read More

Solar Eclipse


HG employees had fun taking a break from work today to observe the solar eclipse!   For all shipping needs, contact us via the link to the left or by calling 513-244-3026.  

office dysFUNction

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Have you ever taken your child to work with you? When you do, do they go home talking about being chased around the office by your boss, who happens to have a can of silly string? Is there a guy in your office who is like a mocking bird who mimics whatever accent he must be hearing on the other … Read More

Shark Week…

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Shark week is coming up next week, and while my kids love watching all of the action, my mind wanders to another place. Sharks make me think of aggression and the overall violent tearing apart of enemies. I don’t think most people think of sharks as sweet, cuddly, or even nice. Hmm….sounds like a freight broker. When many people who … Read More

Handling Feedback

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How do you take negative feedback? I’m back to taking classes, and I have to tell you, PhD level professors can be harsh. I suppose it makes sense, since it is a high level degree. I mean, do you want people being called ‘doctor’ who don’t know their stuff? When I first went back to school, I would receive graded … Read More

Keeping cool…

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  Summertime is a great time of year to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Having four kids who play outdoor sports during the hottest time of year, I am always on the lookout for great ways to beat the heat. Today, I am sharing a few favorites with you, some of which you can take to the park, ball games, … Read More

July 4 Decor….Pallet Style

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Fourth of July celebrations are everywhere every year, and here in Cincinnati, there is no exception. Last year, I wrote about amazing treats that you can make for friends and family at parties and cookouts. This year, I’m going to talk about all of the patriotic ways you can use a staple of the trucking industry…pallets…to create amazing decor for … Read More

Memorial Day Activities in Cincinnati

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I know that I have mentioned it many times, but here it is again: HG Logistics LLC is based in Cincinnati, and if there is one thing that we can’t deny, it is that we are Cincinnati proud. This weekend, we will have one extra day to spend time with out families and loved ones to reflect upon our military … Read More

Be Kind to Truckers Out There!

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Everyone has some kind of story about a close encounter with a truck or something wild that a trucker did at some point. Someone I know told me a story recently about two trucks, driving side by side on a two lane highway that actually bumped mirrors because they were so close to one another. Neither one seemed to react, … Read More