HG Logistics LLC Complimented by a Primary Customer

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  “You and your team have been fantastic. Jesse in shipping loves working with you and definitely voiced his opinion to me several times. He says, ‘Keep HG Coming! They make my life easier!’ Great work once again on getting everything covered and keeping everyone informed! In case you didn’t know–You are our #1! Thanks for everything!” Lori Shearer Transportation … Read More

Congratulations Jimmy! – She said Yes!

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Jimmy Hayes, HG Logistics LC Coordinator/Account Manager, proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years, Samantha, Frantzis. He could not have picked a more stunning backdrop than oceanside sunset in Naxos, Greece. On July 24th, Jimmy asked Samantha to be his partner for life and she gladly accepted his proposal. What a beautiful picture and what a beautiful couple. HG Logistics … Read More

Truck Parking is About to Get Easier

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Parking presents its challenges to drivers of all vehicle types, but those challenges can prove astronomical to truckers maneuvering a semi with a 53′ trailer. Most of us are aware of the dangers truck drivers face while on the road, but rarely do we think of the risks associated with finding safe places to park. It is reported that truckers … Read More

Trucking in the Summer

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We are in the peak month of summer, and you would think that driving conditions for truckers would be more favorable than the slick, icy roads of winter. Although truckers may not be facing significant snowstorms, summer presents its challenges for drivers as well. Drivers need to be aware of the following conditions and prepare appropriately. Drivers will face extreme … Read More

June 28th – National Logistics Day

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June 28, 2022, marks the 4th Annual National Logistics Day. In 2019, the US House of Representatives issued a formal Congressional Record honoring June 28th as National Logistics Day after being presented this request by Hon. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania. In his presentation to Congress, Mike Kelly stated: “It is vital that we recognize the dedicated professionals in the logistics … Read More

Jimmy Hayes Ringing in New Customers

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Jimmy Hayes has been employed with HG Logistics LLC less than a year but has already express interest in transitioning from logistics coordinator to sales. He landed his first new customer, and thus, was able to participate in HG Logistics’ tradition of ringing the bell whenever someone lands a new account. Jimmy is determined and focused on building relationships with … Read More

Senate Passes Legislation Opening Way for 3PLs to Aid Against Terrorism

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  On May 27, 2022, the TIA announced that the US Senate passed the “C-TPAT Pilot Program Act of 2021.” The TIA views this as a major breakthrough for its 3PL members. The C-TPAT stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorisms. As a voluntary program, participants work to protect supply chains from concealment of terrorists’ weapons including weapons of mass destruction. … Read More

Infant Formula Shortage- Logistics Companies Taking Precautions to Protect This High-Value Commodity


The infant formula shortage crisis has everyone concerned and rightfully so. Steps are in motion to resolve the current crisis, but how did it get to this point to begin with? Three factors triggered the shortage. First, a bacteria called cronobacter sakazakii, was detected in formula manufactured at Abbott’s in Michigan. This pathogen is believed to have caused the death … Read More