Were You Snipped by an Amateur?


bad haircutA few weeks ago, our Dispatch Manager, Michelle, decided to let our Operations Manager, Mike, cut her hair. Considering that Mike has no experience cutting women’s hair or anyone else’s, we all looked at Michelle and thought, “Are you Crazy!”

Mike’s plan was to give Michelle the inverted bob look. He kept chopping away trying to get both sides even. Finally, Michelle came to her senses and said, “Stop! It is okay if one side is longer than the other. I will just tuck that side behind my ear and no one will notice.”

I admit that the haircut did not look horrible, horrible, but it definitely needed some touching up. The next day, Michelle came in with a nicely styled inverted bob. I asked her if she fixed it herself. She said, “No. On the way home, I stopped at a light and spotted a Great Clips across the street. I went in and had them fix what Mike had attempted.” It looked nice and Michelle was happy, so this story had a happy ending–thanks to the lady at Great Clips.

Not all of these kinds of stories have happy endings. I know from experience that trying to take short cuts or attempting things I have no knowledge of or experience in just to save a few dollars has had disastrous results the majority of times. Usually, I end up paying to fix what I messed up.

Businesses make these types of mistakes as well. Working in the transportation business, I have witnessed companies choosing the cheap, inexperienced route and paying for it in the long run. At HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, that is not our practice. Our services offer expertise in recruiting trucking companies, regulating safety policies, dispatching carriers, and following through from pick up to delivery.

At HG Logistics LLC, you are not going to get the lopsided, messy, everything in disarray service. We despise messes and avoid them at all costs. Instead, we approach every area of our business with skill, knowledge, and proficiency.

If your company wants to sport a new look in their transportation department and get things handled right the first time around, may I suggest you go with the experts–

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