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Hey Truck Drivers, I’m Talking to You!   

When is the last time you heard about a truck driver calling a broker who had no idea what it meant that the turbo went out on the tractor? If you’re in the transportation industry, it may not have been too long ago! It isn’t hard to look at the forums to see truck drivers complaining about how the big brokers are nothing more than call centers packed with fresh college grads with no experience in or around trucks. This is one area where HG Logistics, LLC sets itself apart from other brokers. We have an inside secret that we’ll let you in on that makes a world of difference for us in the industry: We know that our drivers are our customers too.

We love our customers. Without them, we wouldn’t have freight to haul. We wouldn’t have anything to move from Point A to Point B. Equally as important to us are our drivers. Without them, we wouldn’t have a way to move our loads. We wouldn’t have a the engine to our machine.

HG Logistics is an asset based freight broker. We have our own trucks and company drivers. We were founded by a trucking veteran with over 30 years of experience behind the wheel. We work with guys who grew up as the sons of truck drivers.  We have a few brokers in-house who are actively working on their CDL, and a couple who already have it. For those without experience behind the wheel, our broker and dispatcher training goes beyond looking at pictures of trucks and trailers in the office. We require at least one ride along so that our brokers and dispatchers understand what the driver’s life is really like, if only for a day. Fostering this level of respect for our drivers is a key part of building our longstanding relationships with our many dedicated carriers.

There is a shortage of drivers out there. We get that. We understand the ups and downs of being a truck driver. We understand the value of a quality carrier. Having those relationships keeps us going, and we know that and appreciate our drivers, in house and out.

When you are out looking for loads, you have so many options. There are huge brokers out there with a bunch of kids with no experience, and there is HG Logistics where we thrive on knowing and understanding all of the industry, especially the driver, the most important part.

Become a part of a team who values, respects and understands you! Contact HG Logistics today by clicking the link to the left or calling HG at 513-244-3026.