Super Bowl 50: Old School or Young Blood?

February 4th, 2016

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This Sunday, the NFL will celebrate Super Bowl 50. The Denver Broncos, led by NFL veteran and time-tested quarterback Peyton Manning will square off against the Carolina Panthers led by fresh and spunky quarterback Cam Newton. There is much debate as to who will come out on top and which of the two quarterbacks is best suited to be at the helm of a Super Bowl team I know. I’ll be watching to see the end result!

I’m not going to lie, I have a favorite in mind. As a hint, I have a daughter named Peyton. While I admit I’ve loved the Manning family since Peyton’s days in Indianapolis as a Colt, I can see the energy that Cam brings to the game.

Let’s face facts, old school people tend to use proven methods of doing things that seem to be fail-proof. They go through the same motions time after time and come up with great results just as often. New and fresh people are constantly trying the newest thing, the latest innovation. They often bring an energy and sense of urgency contrary to the sometimes stubborn determination of the veteran. Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether it is better to be a slow burning ember or a sudden spark.

At HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we see the value in both. That’s why when it comes to your freight, we use our fresh talent and new technologies to execute our time tested strategies. Old meets new. While in the Super Bowl it is going to be a fierce competition, in freight, it’s a beautiful and successful marriage. Do you want to benefit from the experience of old-school and the energy of new-school? Give us a call!


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The fight in the dog…

January 27th, 2016



I have four children. They are all very small in stature. Another employee here at HG Logistics also has a couple of boys who are small kids. The funny thing is, they’re all- mine and his- great at sports! Even playing against youngsters who outweigh them by twenty, thirty, fifty pounds, and who are several inches up to a foot taller, my kids come out on top most of the time. As the Mark Twain saying goes, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!”.

I remember being a kid and thinking that I just couldn’t compete with those bigger, faster kids. As an adult, I’ve found myself inspired to work toward goals that seem bigger than me, simply because of the strength and determination my kids have shown. Professional athletes who are small in stature are rare, but they are there. Think of Pele, Spud Webb, Maurice Jones-Drew, and arguably Stephen Curry (although listed at 6’3”, this is hardly tall for the NBA). Each of these role models makes a case that big things come in small packages.

HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a small dog in a big fight. The transportation industry is a multi-billion dollar segment. While we share a city with one of the largest transportation brokers in the country, our goals are hardly the same, and our fight is more fierce. Why? Because of what we fight for. HG Logistics LLC is a small business. We fight for our customers to have the best possible service. We fight to hire and retain quality employees who will serve our customers with respect and fairness. We also fight to be sure that each and every load moves to its destination safely and in a timely manner. HG Logistics LLC is a small dog with a lot of fight…shouldn’t we be fighting for you?


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How is your New Year’s Resolution going?

January 15th, 2016


Did you make a resolution to start 2016 on a great note? Maybe you wanted to stop smoking, exercise more, worry less, eat healthier, save up some money, spend more time with family. Whatever you had hoped to do, are you still working on it?


This year I wanted to do some kind of exercise every day. At first, I thought that I could attempt to walk 1 mile every day. Although the weather was nice, when January 1 rolled around, it was just too cold to go outside. “I’ll make up for it by doing something extra tomorrow”, I told myself. January 2 came around and I was way too busy to be bothered with exercise…two days in and my resolution was already looking pretty bad.


I had given up on the idea and written off my resolutions until yesterday. I listened to an interview with Dr. Randall Bell who discussed how making a very tiny commitment can lead to a good habit and much, much bigger results. So, as I drove and listened, I wondered how I could implement that idea to getting myself into shape. I decided that any time I had the chance to join in with my children while they were doing sports, I would. It made sense to me that if I was there and had no reason not to, it would probably not only help my exercise goal, but also my relationship with my kids if I jumped in. I was driving to pick them up from school when I made the commitment to myself.


Later last night, we were waiting for basketball practice to start. All of my children, as well as some others and some parents were shooting baskets. My chance had arrived! Would I make the choice to stick to my resolution or make an excuse? I got up and dribbled a little and took a couple of shots. In just the two or three minutes that I was down there, I felt myself feeling better. I was happier, my children were playing with me and smiling and my body was receiving some work that it desperately needed! Success on day one, a far cry from my excuses at the beginning of the story…Dr. Randall had explained that promising the moon was just not realistic. Maybe making big promises is just too much to do. Promising the smaller things is manageable and leads to greater success.


The business world can learn a lesson from Dr. Randall as well. In transportation, things that are beyond our control can make the day difficult. At HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we make the small promises so that the big ones fall into place. We won’t promise you that it won’t snow or that your supplier will load all of the correct product. What we will promise is the small stuff. We promise to use great drivers. We promise open and honest communication and tracking while we are handling your business. We promise professionalism. We promise to bring you the service that you deserve and expect from a top-performing logistics provider. We have promised those small things for years. Those little commitments every day have lead to our success, and developed into great habits. HG Logistics can say that we are here to give you the best experience possible because instead of promising the moon, we promise all of the little things, we commit, practice good habits, and make things happen on a large scale because of that!


If you are looking to start a new, small habit in the New Year to make your business run more smoothly and to reduce your stress at work, take a moment to contact the friendly experts at HG Logistics LLC to handle your freight needs!


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Were You Snipped by an Amateur?

October 22nd, 2015

bad haircutA few weeks ago, our Dispatch Manager, Michelle, decided to let our Operations Manager, Mike, cut her hair. Considering that Mike has no experience cutting women’s hair or anyone else’s, we all looked at Michelle and thought, “Are you Crazy!”

Mike’s plan was to give Michelle the inverted bob look. He kept chopping away trying to get both sides even. Finally, Michelle came to her senses and said, “Stop! It is okay if one side is longer than the other. I will just tuck that side behind my ear and no one will notice.”

I admit that the haircut did not look horrible, horrible, but it definitely needed some touching up. The next day, Michelle came in with a nicely styled inverted bob. I asked her if she fixed it herself. She said, “No. On the way home, I stopped at a light and spotted a Great Clips across the street. I went in and had them fix what Mike had attempted.” It looked nice and Michelle was happy, so this story had a happy ending–thanks to the lady at Great Clips.

Not all of these kinds of stories have happy endings. I know from experience that trying to take short cuts or attempting things I have no knowledge of or experience in just to save a few dollars has had disastrous results the majority of times. Usually, I end up paying to fix what I messed up.

Businesses make these types of mistakes as well. Working in the transportation business, I have witnessed companies choosing the cheap, inexperienced route and paying for it in the long run. At HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, that is not our practice. Our services offer expertise in recruiting trucking companies, regulating safety policies, dispatching carriers, and following through from pick up to delivery.

At HG Logistics LLC, you are not going to get the lopsided, messy, everything in disarray service. We despise messes and avoid them at all costs. Instead, we approach every area of our business with skill, knowledge, and proficiency.

If your company wants to sport a new look in their transportation department and get things handled right the first time around, may I suggest you go with the experts–

CALL HG LOGISTICS LLC @ 877-574-4744!

Winter Trucking Safety

September 25th, 2015

As winter slowly approaches, think about the steps needed to prepare! Check out this article on winter trucking safety!

Is Your Business Riding on the Rims of a Convertible?

August 24th, 2015


A few months back, I was on the bus coming to work when I passed a car dealership that advertised on their sign the following:

“Wife Insurance: Buy Her a Convertible”

Some may think this is clever advertisement, but it saddened me. I thought, “Is this what the world has come to? Is this what marriage is all about? Is it about money? Is it about who can buy the biggest, the best?” What happened to love, respect, devotion, commitment? What happened to “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part”?

The reason this advertisement struck me so hard is because I think many believe that the message they are conveying is true. They believe that they have to buy commitment. In this materialistic world, it is often about “THINGS”–things that eventually break, rust, or fall apart. Even as parents, we tend to buy our kids “things” instead of just spending time with them. But are “things” a good substitute for parenting? Is this what our children really want or need? I don’t think so.

And are wives really only interested in what their husbands can buy them or would they rather have want money can’t buy–love, faithfulness, honesty, respect? Has money become more important than personal relationships? What do you think? In today’s society, is the answer to this question more often ‘yes’ than ‘no?’

This “money buying power” mindset is also trickling over into the business world. Years ago, a business deal was sealed with a handshake. That handshake represented a promise, a commitment, a trust, and a mutual respect between the parties. That loyalty was not taken lightly and it was not something to be easily broken. They were not just sealing a deal, they were sealing a relationship.

Is this the type of business transactions your company is experiencing today? Many businesses just care about the money–the bottom line. As a result, they constantly jump around in search for the cheapest route thinking this theory to be the path to a lucrative profit margin.

If you are only interested in talking money, HG Logistics LLC is not the third party logistics company for you. HG Logistics LLC sells service not price. Although we are a small transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have managed to build our business for the past nine years on relationships with our customers. We want our customers to know that we care. We want to provide them the best service. We want to meet their needs. We want them to succeed. We want them to trust that we will be there for them–that they can count on us. We want them to know that we are not going to trade them in for a convertible.

With HG Logistics LLC, you can be assured that we will stick around: not because of so-called money enticing incentives but because relationships matter–Our Customers Matter!

Transportation Insurance: Ship HG Logistics LLC


Droopy Dog Trucking – Owner Operator of the Month

August 24th, 2015

HG Logistics LLC would like to express our sincere appreciation to Droopy Dog Trucking by awarding them “Owner Operator of the Month.” In the month of August, Droopy Dog managed to achieve 100% on time delivery for HG Logistics LLC.

HG Logistics LLC can count on Droopy Dog’s dependable service and commitment to deliver promptly and safely. It is owner operators like Droopy Dog that makes our job as a third party logistics company and transportation broker easier and more enjoyable.

Droopy Dog Trucking

Thanks Droopy Dog for your excellent service and dependability!

Team HG Logistics Tees Off For Boys Hope Girls Hope

August 3rd, 2015


Yesterday, Team HG Logistics had the opportunity to participate in the 30th Annual Celebrity Outing & Pro-Am Tournament at the Belterra Casino Restort & Spa. This event was put on by Coca-Cola and Boys Hope Girls Hope Cincinnati.

Boys Hope Girls Hope is a non-profit organization founded with the hope of combining quality education and a nurturing home environment to help at-risk children. They provide educational opportunities and stability to stay motivated to underserved youth through three residential homes and one community program. The children enter the program between ages nine and thirteen and stay throughout high school graduation. Afterwards, they are provided with the emotional and financial support needed to attend college.

Team HG Logistics tied for first place but came in second due to a handicap. All of the participants had a blast and loved the opportunity to give back to the community.

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

July 20th, 2015


Trucking is a tough business. Whether you’re behind the wheel or on the phones covering loads, the never ending cycle of tight deadlines, strict regulations and increasing expenses is enough to drive even the best of the best crazy.

Now, if you’ve been able to stick it out in the transportation business for a substantial amount of time you probably have your methods of handling stress. But although you may feel like you have your stress under control, it’s important to understand the long term effects that stress can have on your business and your personal life.

Experiencing stress over a long period of time can cause damage to your brain that can’t be undone. Scientists have found that stress actually decreases mental functioning, increases irritability and can even kill brain cells. Even worse for drivers out on the road, stress affects parts of the brain that control paying attention, decision making, and problem solving!

In addition to stresses effects on the brain, it also can have effects on the rest of your body such as low energy, headaches, chest pain, elevated heartbeat, and tense muscles to name a few.

So how to we reduce stress? Good nutrition, regular exercise, and meditation are common methods of reducing stress but one commonly overlooked technique is laughter! According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can have short and long-term benefits in reducing stress. Their studies found that laughter can active and relieve your stress response, sooth tension, improve your immune system, relieve pain and increase personal satisfaction.

As it turns out, laughter might truly be the best medicine! Now that you know laughing is good for you, you just have to find something to laugh about. I know that for me, when it comes to those dreadful at-home tasks such as laundry, I like to lighten the mood by listening to my favorite comedians while I complete them. Satellite radio has dozens of comedy channels to suit any taste with easy access while on the road. If you’re a trucker, you’re most likely spending the majority of your time in your truck alone, so you are free to relieve that stress and LOL all you want!

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You Snooze You Lose, The Dangers of Driving While Drowsy

July 10th, 2015


Drowsiness can slow reaction time, decrease awareness, impair judgment and increase aggressiveness. If that sounds familiar, it should. You’ve heard the same warnings about driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Just like driving drunk or driving drugged, drowsy driving causes you to make mistakes behind the wheel that can injure or kill you, your passengers or others on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsiness or fatigue is the principal cause of up to 100,000 police-reported passenger vehicle crashes every year, killing at least 1,500 people and injuring 71,000. Many more fatigue-related crashes go unreported. Many factors can contribute to drowsiness such as age, time, and work schedules. Developing a regular sleep schedule and driving only when well rested are a solid start in avoiding fatigue related accidents. Here are some other ways that you can avoid falling asleep while on the road:

  • Drive at times that you are normally awake
  • Take 30 minute naps on the side of the road when traveling long distances
  • Avoid medications that cause drowsiness such as allergy and cold & flu medicines
  • Avoid carbohydrate-loaded foods – eat foods packed with protein instead
  • Take a break every couple hundred miles – even if you aren’t tired, getting out of your truck and stretching, walking will get your blood flowing and help keep you energized

HG Logistics, LLC, a third party logistics company and freight broker located in Cincinnati, OH encourages everyone to take the appropriate precautionary actions in order to stay safe on the road. For more information on HG Logistics, LLC, please contact our General Manager, Doug Bierman, at (513)-520-7809.