NFL Draft and Bouncing Back

April 29th, 2016


The NFL draft began yesterday. The draft is a decades-old tradition where the country’s top football prospects emerge from their college careers and move on to playing for money, at the professional level. As usual, the draft this year has not been without drama. Let’s be honest these guys are kids when they start college, some as young as seventeen years old. NCAA, Division One schools expect them to balance school and sports- but there is more to it than that. These still young and impressionable men have one more thing within that balance- life. Life is not just about what mom and dad say anymore. It’s about making the right friends, becoming your own person, deciding your path in life and deciding how you’ll get there. College, or at least that age, is where most of us “find ourselves” as young adults. College athletes have the added pressure of not just performing academically and socially, but in their chosen arena of sport as well. Coaches demand extended hours of practice, specific eating and sleeping patterns, and a certain level of conduct at all times.

Conduct…of course it is important to behave oneself and to follow the rules. This is true in life, school and work. What happens when a young man breaks a rule? Well, if he is a college athlete and a top prospect in the NFL draft, chances are if there is evidence, it will end up in social media. The same thing happened to Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. He had amazing success at his sport and was defamed by photos of indiscretions while in college…the “finding himself” years. The point is, it isn’t just football. So this year, we have guys up for the draft and all of their dirty laundry comes to the surface. Some of it is years upon years old. Photos of drug and alcohol use, allegations of bending or breaking rules to pay rent, fighting, none of it is “right”, but should it have an impact on someone’s entire future?

I’m not going to argue either side of that question. What I am going to do is ask- what’s next? This year is  Laremy Tunsil- with a photo smoking marijuana and screenshots of a conversation asking his coach for rent money, and later, the player himself admitting to the latter. Last year there was  Jameis Winston, accused of sexual assault. Right, wrong, guilty or innocent, in cases like these, there is one thing that NFL programs are counting on: the player will overcome his troubles and bounce back.

As Vince Lombardi said “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up”. So, did they get back up? Will they persevere and move on to have a successful career and make their names positive after these scandals? Only time will tell…

HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio,  is not a college kid with dreams of the NFL. We do have something in common with these kids, though. Sometimes issues arise. We have a flat tire, we misquote a lane…we are human. Luckily, we don’t have the bigtime issues of drugs or assault, but we also understand that missing an appointment is a big deal to our customers, so it is a big deal to us. So what do we do when we get knocked down? We get up! We make it right. HG Logistics is proud to be transparent with our customers. We communicate any and all issues and make sure that everyone is happy in the end. Sometimes problems are unavoidable, but keeping our head in the game and making sure we are doing the right thing, on and off the road are what make HG a great top prospect for your team!

If you have shipping needs, or want to learn more about what makes the HG Logistics team great, give Doug Bierman, our General Manager, a call!

513-244-3026   or   877-574-4744

Road Trip Thursday …this week in Nebraska!

April 28th, 2016

Ready for a Road Trip? While some may not think of Nebraska as a hotspot travel destination, there are definitely some unique tourist attractions to visit, whether you’re staying for a while or just passing through!

First up, visit Hastings, the birthplace of Kool Aid! Visit in August and participate in the town’s celebration of Kool Aid Days, a three day event celebrating the beloved beverage.


Next up, get in touch with your spiritual side by visiting the church made of hay bales in Arthur, Nebraska. Third world countries are said to have visited this site to study building hay bale buildings to build homes for their people.

DSCF1872Pilgrim Holiness church in Georgetown- Internet Archive

While Boys Town, NE may have another claim to fame (think Spencer Tracy), you may not know that there is a stamp collector’s haven located there as well, with the world’s largest ball of stamps on display.NEBOYstamps_prov

Abolitionist John Brown hid slaves in underground tunnels and caves, which you can visit while in Nebraska City. This site is the only National Park Service Underground Railroad Network to Freedom site in all of Nebraska.


Drive slowly through Nebraska, as the tiny towns are dotted with interesting sculptures, remnants of the fur trade, and natural wonders abound!

Road Trip Thursday, Heading North

April 21st, 2016

Today we will head just slightly north of our home state to Michigan to see what interesting and odd OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAattractions they have to offer road warriors. The first stop will be in Lennon, Michigan for the lawn ornament capital of the world. There, you can wander among thousands of interesting and unique
lawn statues, and can even purchase one for your own lawn if you so choose.

Gaylord, MI  is home to the 45th parallel. This is the line directly between the equator and the north pole. Stop by and see the marker there that has its own rustic look. MIGAY45thrustic_mike

A trip to Detroit is full of interesting sights, but for the boxing fan, what could be better than a 4 ton statue of Joe Louis’ arm, ready for a fight? Speaking of giant things, you can also catch a view of a giant cow head and bowling pin while passing through. Also in Detroit, Lawndale Market which has thousands of photos of their customers adorning the walls, and Transmission Man, a sculpture of a man made with car parts.  MIDETtransmission_stockman


Moving on, also in Michigan, you can find Onaway, home to many amazing and one again large, metal sculptures. These include Abe Lincoln, Lady Liberty, and Gerald Ford.

download (3)download (4)  download (1)download (2)








Finally, a visit to Jackson, MI will bring you to their first state prison, which has been transformed into a residence. Never fear, however, you can still take tours of the prison, tunnels and lofts that are there.





Road Trip Thursday…Sunny Florida!

April 14th, 2016

Although it is finally warming up here in the Buckeye State, this week’s road trip is headed south to take us somewhere warm and sunny year-round. Let’s see what crazy roadside stops and tourist attractions Florida has in store for us!05

Visit the Bubble Room in Captiva for an interesting meal. The Bubble Room boasts a wonderful menu to accompany the old-style music from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Completing the experience are the multiple themed rooms, decorated with collections of items dating back as far as the 1930’s anDSCF2993d the original owners. Enjoy yourself in the Christmas and aquarium rooms or in the Tunnel of Love!


Take a drive to New Smyrna for a historical oddity, the Turnbull Ruins of Unknown Purpose. That’s right, there are ruins here of what is believed to be the foundation of a mansion, temple, church…or some other building, but the work was never completed. Today, you can visit the ruins and let your imagination fill in the rest!download (1)download






Ochopee, FL is home to the smallest post office in the United States. Not for the claustrophobic, the post office serves the local Miccosukee and Seminole Indians.

Speaking of small, Florida, namely Carrabelle, is home to the smallest police station in the world! Way back when, the local police sat by w6g4tt5rwqnhefsk5ddhthe phone booth to monitor the town, and soon, calls came in to that booth alerting the police to troubles. Today, the original booth is enshrined in a local museum, but there is still a phone booth police station in operation at the center of town.

Of course, what would a trip to Florida be without a space adventure? A visit to Titusville will bring you many opportunities, from the US Astronaut Hall of Fame to the Shuttle Walk Experience and Kennedy Space Center, you’ll find everything a space enthusiast wants! download (2)              SSMonument_2

Lessons from the Golden Arches

April 1st, 2016


Just a few minutes ago, I got back from picking up a group lunch from McDonald’s. Not where I expected the experience that I had. What I did expect was the group of people standing at the front, waiting to order, as it was smack dab in the middle of lunch hour. It wasn’t as crowded as I expected, but there were a few folks there, like me, who had come in ordering for a number of people. This had to add stress to the McDonald’s employees. Having worked in food service for a number of years, I know that no amount of preparing can alleviate the stress at mealtime rush hour. I can’t imagine how these guys and gals did it, but they were awesome!

I will not look at this McDonald’s like any other that I have ever been in. I was immediately greeted with a smile and asked if I was ready to order. The cashier was very polite and super patient with my multiple specialized requests…no pickle, extra lettuce, add this, double cheese…She just smiled an put in the order. They were so fast. Everyone was slammed, working away. The unexpected thing; they were all happy, smiling and joking around.

I wondered how on earth this whole group of fast food workers, at what was likeliest the busiest and most stressful part of their day, could be so jovial and happy-go-lucky. They were full of energy and fun. This was a learning moment. Why? Then I heard it. Loud and proud, from the front, cheeseburgers zipping down the line was the manager proclaiming “Great job everyone! Good work!” . Several employees let out a whoop and laughed. That was all it took. Letting her employees know she saw their hard work, being positive and vocal about it. That was keeping them happy, proud to be where they were and doing a great job.

Being told you are valued and that your work is appreciated can go a long way, in both professional and personal areas of our lives. Next time you want to make someone smile, acknowledge what they do that you appreciate. Let them know about it. Sometimes a simple “thank you”, “nice job” or “I love the way you…” can change someone’s outlook, their day and their attitude.

HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio would like to do that right now. Thank you to our drivers who work tirelessly to make us look good, providing quality service. We appreciate the way that our customers nearly always go out of their way to make things simple and easy for us. Having our business partnerships makes us who we are, and we are grateful to our partners for who they’ve helped us to become. To all of the HG Employees, family and friends…Good Work!

To contact HG, please reach out to us anytime at 513-244-3026.

Road Trip Thursday…Wisconsin

March 31st, 2016

You can’t escape the hot political climate this year, and for that reason, our Road Trip Thursday is joining in. With Wisconsin’s Presidential Primary on Tuesday, what better place to travel to (at least virtually) to see the oddities the state has to offer? Let’s take a look at what you’ll find in Wisconsin, besides politicians and cheese…pic_796407001182966789

Travel to Wisconsin Dells to find an interesting museum, the Museum of Historic Torture Devices. With nearly everything covered in spikes or made to stretch the human body beyond disrepair, this is a place for the morbidly curious!


MovinWIGREufo_tohakg from the tortuous to the hopeful is Poland, Wisconsin which is home to a UFO Landing Port. This was made by a local who holds on to hope that one day, friends from afar will visit us here on earth….and be friendly!




Take a ride on a miniature train once you get to Argyle, Wisconsin to visit the toy train barn, a privately owned collection of toy trains, tracks, villages and the like. Running trains will surround visitors for a unique stop for family fun.

            A visit to Wyoming Valley will lead to a wondrous place- the House on the Rock. Built by Alex Jordan, this home offers a thrilling view of the valley with a glass walkway that extends over the treetops. In addition, this house has turned into its own museum of oddities, including the world’s largest carousel and room after room of bizarre collections.

Infinity_ext_fsimagesimages (1)ec66388c68736bae8223130804bfef4e

March 25th, 2016


Easter is upon us, the weather is warming and spring is in the air. For me, that means one big thing: baseball season. Instead of inundating you all with stories of amazing plays and once in a lifetime experiences from watching my kids play ball, I want to tell you about a movie that I love. I don’t think it gets the praise that it deserves for the story it tells; Moneyball. Yes, it started as a book, but I watched the movie, so that’s what I’m going to talk about. Moneyball has taught me a lot of lessons in life, both personally and professionally.

Many professional columnists have weighed in on the Moneyball effect, and to be honest, they say it a lot better than I ever could…here are a few of the takeaways….

Paul Herbert from the website says “Pay attention:…  Pay attention to who/what is really driving the decisions in an organization.  It’s not always the person at the top of the org chart.” And “Management is about removing roadblocks – not micromanaging.  When Billy meets with the owner about the team and how Billy plans on being successful the owner doesn’t start second-guessing Billy.  He asks a question more leaders should.  He asks… “What will stop you from achieving your objective?”  In other words what are the roadblocks?  The movie doesn’t take it any further from there but in the real world a good leader listens then removes those issues.  Allow your people to succeed.  Don’t do it for them – remove the things that stop them from being successful on their own.”

Jeff Haden of INC. says “‘Your goal shouldn’t be to buy players, your goal should be to buy wins.’ …You need a doer of stuff that needs to get done. So don’t think about buying titles; think about buying outcomes. Think about plugging gaping holes in your company. Are you signing up customers so fast that you can’t respond to all the support emails? Don’t hire a head of support; hire someone that helps you tackle the support issue. Hire someone maniacally committed to customer happiness.That person may someday become your head of support.”

J. Parks Caldwell noted ““I don’t think we’re asking the right question. I think the question we’re supposed to be asking now is, do you believe in what we’re doing or not?” Once you stop believing in yourself, you stop believing in everything, and magic like 20-game winning streaks can never happen. Even if you blow an 11-run lead against the 2002 Kansas City Royals, don’t stop believing.”

We’ll wrap it up with a couple of thoughts by Colleen Sharen, who says “If you can’t win the game, change the game. Beane decided to turn all of the old rules of thumb on their head, identifying under-valued players who had great talent, but that talent wasn’t recognized.” And “Ignore the Stereotypes.  The players recruited by Beane and Brand were under-valued because they didn’t fit the stereotype of a baseball player, yet they performed. Fat, old, strange technique, funny looking, funny looking girl-friends, these were the reasons scouts used for ignoring the players that Beane recruited.” And “Give it a Chance to Work. The first six weeks of the season were a disaster. Nothing went right. Beane stuck to his vision in spite of severe criticism by fans and sports radio.”

Baseball season is here. The lessons we can learn from sport as children carry throughout our lives much of the time. We are not too old to learn new lessons, even from a game of catch.

The next time you’re bored and looking for a movie, consider Moneyball and see if the lessons carry with you. Here at HG Logistics, we don’t have a room full of people with titles. We have a company of doers. People who know what needs done and they do it. We believe in ourselves and our product; our service. We work together to overcome roadblocks…sometimes literally! We work as a team and use lessons to grow and improve. If a company like this is what you’re looking for, contact us. You can reach out to our General Manager, or any of our team players at 513-244-3026.

Interesting Travel Stops in the US…First Stop: Home

March 24th, 2016

Driving a truck, car or even a motorcycle in the United States can show a person a lot of amazing things! For the next several weeks, every Thursday will be dedicated to some landmarks and places of interest that you may want to stop and see while traveling with family or friends.

To launch this new endeavor, let’s start close to our home here at HG Logistics, a Cincinnati, Ohio based third party freight broker. Many people don’t know what the Cincinnati area has to offer besides the mainstays….let’s take a look….Big-Boy-Phillips-66

HG employees will likely recognize this, but many don’t know that Cincinnati is home to the American Sign Museum. Here, you can take a tour through advertising history and explore pop culture in an interesting way.

Cincy is also home to Metrobot, a “cutting edge” robot-sign-sculpture hybrid installed in 1988, and 1410371056000-metrobot.yesrefurbished in 2014. Stop by to make a phone call from the payphone located in his leg for just a dime!



Finally, just for those who aren’t natives to Cincinnati and might wonder, yes, we are Porkopolis. For that reason, you’ll find pigs of all sorts everywhere. From the Flying Pig statues all over downtown to the Pancakes and Pigs Sculpture, these guys can make a wonderful urban scavenger hunt.   OHCINpancakepig_turner1


Next time you’re in the area, stop by one or more of Cincinnati’s popular spots (a ball park, museum, observatory), but don’t forget about the offbeat options too! Give us a call, maybe our GM, Doug Bierman, will show you around!

To contact HG Logistics for your freight needs or anything else, reach out to us at 513-244-3026!

HG, Like Family…

March 18th, 2016


Have you ever run in to an issue with your car on the way to work? Maybe there is a weird noise up by the tire, a skipping feeling in the engine, or your brakes start that squeaking. All warning signs that spending a chunk of change on dreaded car repairs is in our future.

What about at home? Have you ever looked at your walls and seen a crack where your drywall needed repaired? Just want a paint job? What about a full gut and remodel of a bathroom?

At HG Logistics LLC, a third party freight brokerage company in Cincinnati, Ohio, all of these things are taken care of…and more! Working for a family company, that puts family first can mean a lot of things. For one, it means that sometimes everyone acts as crazy and fun as they do at home! On the other hand, a family is someone you can depend on, who can help you out when you need it. Hill and Griffith, the parent company for HG Logistics, was founded and is still run as a close-knit, family company. HG Logistics is just the same.

One conversation with our General Manager, Doug Bierman, will immediately show you that he carries the same mentality as our owners. Doug is the guy who will tell you to pull your car into the warehouse so  he can take a look at it on his lunch break. After that, he’ll tell you what you need to run and get from Napa so he can fix it. I’ve seen Doug stay late to recharge car air conditioners, air up flat tires, and more. Personally, he has changed my brakes and helped with getting me on the road after damaging my radiator in an accident on the way to work. Knowing you can depend on someone when you really need it is what you expect from family, and Doug shows it at the workplace as well.

What else shows that we are a family? The multiple employees who will show up at your house to patch drywall and paint your walls on a weekend. Doug showing up ready to tackle remodels; plumbing, tile, whatever it takes. We have seen his handiwork here in the office as well. Just like that crazy uncle, you never know when you’ll walk in the office to see a new aesthetic. Painted walls, installed desk space, you name it and he’ll do it…all while you’re relaxing with family.

HG is family. We have drivers who come to company parties, customers who we sponsor in charity and sports…the list goes on. It’s not just the leadership, though. It’s everyone. Recently, an employee had a tremendous family issue that caused medical bills to pile up. Within just a few hours of starting a Go Fund Me campaign (thoughtfully done by yet another HG coworker), many employees had already donated. We celebrate together, we know that we have support in grief, and we get checked up on when we are ill.

If you think that family is important, and you want to encourage a family attitude of honesty, support and respect in your business, consider a relationship with HG Logistics LLC. We are a family, and we’ll treat you like part of it from the very beginning!

March is Women’s History Month

March 9th, 2016




March is National Women’s History Month. With that in mind, HG Logistics, LLC, a third party freight brokerage firm out of Cincinnati, Ohio would like to highlight some of the many monumental contributions that women have made in trucking and transportation.

Anne Rainsford French Bush was the first female licensed driver in 1900. But driving a car wasn’t the only mark made by women in the early 1900s. In 1903, Mary Anderson invented the first windshield wiper!

Luella Bates worked for the Four Wheel Drive Auto Co. beginning in 1918 and was the first female truck driver in US History. She drove as a test driver during World War I and remained with the company even afterward. Luella became famous for being their “lady driver” and received accolades in many publications. She also became the first woman licensed truck driver in the state of New York. Promotional photo of Luella Bates driving a FWD model B truck.

Looking back to World War II, women everywhere in the US fell alongside Rosie the Riveter to kGood-Work-Sistereep America going by taking up any and all jobs once held by men. Women worked on assembly lines in factories, making everything from bearings to hubcaps to automobile bodies. Without these women, with so many men fighting in the war, America would have grinded to a halt.

We can even thank a woman for the term “riding shotgun”. Annie Box Neal aided her huAnnieBoxNeal-147x300sband in the transportation of goods, usually gold bullion, before big rigs were thought of. She was known for sitting alongside her husband as he drove, with her trusty shotgun in hand.

Rusty Dow was the first woman to drive the Alaska Highway. She did it in a Studebaker 6×6 with 10 wheels, broken gauges and a 40 gallon tank.2-Rusty-Dow-150x150

Famous musician Della Reese and actress Bea Arthur were also some of our first and most well-known female truck drivers.

In Politics, in 1980, Alinda C. Burke became the first woman to be sworn in as Deputy Administrator for Federal Highway Association and  Elizabeth Dole was appointed Secretary of Transportation in 1983.

             HG Logistics LLC is proud to use the services of, and support, the many women drivers who strive to provide top-quality service. We find great importance in partnering with all individuals who will cultivate strong business relationships regardless of gender. It is our honor to celebrate the many historical achievements made by women in our industry.images

Should you find yourself in need of transportation assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Doug Bierman, General Manager of HG Logistics LLC at:, 1-877-5-SHIP HG or 513-244-3026