Back to School

August 19th, 2016


This has been a rough week for me. All the kids are going back to school, and that means a schedule that is even more hectic. We are back to lunches to early mornings, lunches to pack, and homework to review. Even things like walking to and from school for the first time can be tremendously nerve wracking for parents. Watching my two youngest skip off to school this morning was hard, even when following behind them to keep a close eye. Soon, they’ll want more distance, and then they’ll want to go it alone…after that, driving.  (Insert giant gulp here)

Another change that I am witnessing firsthand as I get older is that “back to school” is turning into “off to college”. Yikes. While packing up bedrooms and piling into vehicles and shopping for dorm decor may seem like a wondrous adventure to the freshman undergrad, it’s a whole different story for those of us who are left behind.

One thing that is a key part of being a parent is trusting your kids. I have learned little by little that in order for my children to grow, I have to let them. That means trusting in them on bigger and bigger things all the time. At one point, it was a big deal to pick out their own clothes, and now they want to be left home alone for hours on end (we aren’t quite there yet). They want to cook their own food, decorate their bedrooms, have a cell phone, hang out at the mall with friends…it’s all a nightmare for parents. If you know you can trust your kids, though, it isn’t so bad. As the parent, we have to use our judgement to decide what they are ready for and give them the opportunity to earn our trust. If we do it just right, or at least close to right, they’ll build on the past and become more trustworthy in the future.

The timeline from picking out their own outfits to walking to school with siblings to dating and driving to college is going much more quickly than I’d like, but I can see how each of my children has grown and become not just trustworthy but honest, caring and generous.

Trust is something that many say has to be earned. No one knows that more than a parent trying to teach a child how to be trusted. This is a virtue that is priceless in life, both personally and in business. Trust is a major reason that HG Logistics is successful. HG employees will work to earn the trust of a customer, a truck driver and a coworker equally. We understand the gears that make our company run smoothly and we trust one another to do our jobs well. We use carriers that have proven their trustworthiness and we trust in our customers to see that we do what we do quite well and to believe in us.

Being a part of any family, team, organization or group hinges upon trust. All we have is our word. Is your word worth its weight? Is your logistics provider lying to you? While this is something of an epidemic with freight providers, it is not the way HG Logistics operates. That is why I am proud to be a part of the team. If you want honest, trustworthy freight solutions, contact us anytime!

Be safe this back to school season, and watch for children walking to and from school!

HG Logistics is a third-party logistics company and freight broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the best service possible. For more information, please contact HG Logistics’ General Manager, Doug Bierman at 513-244-3026 ext 3021.

Trucking Radio Personality Passes

August 12th, 2016


Some people sing along with the radio, some have mini DVD players, some enjoy the silence, and others listen to talk radio. So, what is your “thing” when it comes to staying entertained while driving? No one knows how to occupy their minds better than truck drivers when it comes to long trips out on the open road.

Recently, the drivers who have listened to all night radio for decades lost an icon. The late night, talk radio, truck driver show personality Sharon “Lumpy” Sommers passed away. Her husband Dale was the star of his own radio show, and Sharon appeared on it many times.

HG Logistics, a third party freight broker from Sharon’s birthplace and final residence of Cincinnati, Ohio joins family and friends in her loss. We would like to extend our condolences to those who loved her and thank her for all the lives that she touched. Keeping truck drivers entertained on the road can keep them awake and alert, which means safe and alive. Thank you both “Truckin Bozo” and “Lumpy” for all you did for the industry.

Read more about Sharon here:

HG Logistics can be contacted at 513-244-3026.

August 5th, 2016

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Today will mark the first official day of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio had once been known as a city full of life and celebration, overlooked by the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue. It seemed as if Rio would be a wonderful place to host the celebration of athletic competition that the Summer Olympics are famous for. Now is a different story. Swimmers will be asked to dive into polluted waters for distance/open water swimming events, and waters near sand volleyball events have washed up human body parts. The main ramp for several boating competitions collapsed just days ago. Crime rates are high around the city, along with civil unrest and protests against a deteriorating government in transition. On top of this is the looming threat of the Zika virus that can cause not only flu-like symptoms, but life-threatening birth defects to unborn infants. All things that add stress to the athletes who are expected to perform at their peaks. Many athletes have chosen not to attend the games due to the combination of so many distractions and risks.

While there has been much focus on the negatives and dangers faced in Rio, there is another side to this. Thousands of athletes from around the world will compete against one another on the world’s stage. For many, this will be the highlight of their career, and for some, the highlight of their lives.  For the first time ever, refugees will be permitted to compete under the Olympic flag. For the first time in over a century, golf will be an Olympic event. Brazil has promised an opening ceremony that will confront the issues faced worldwide and ways to resolve them such as unity, conservation, and international cooperation and respect. It has been said that this will be a very political opening ceremony. Athletes will each enter the stadium with a seed, which will later be planted in the “Olympic Forest” to celebrate the games and demonstrate conservative efforts.

Finding coverage of the Rio Olympics is not difficult, but finding positive coverage can be. It all depends on what side you are drawn to. It seems as if there is always more negative than positive to be found and discovered in the world.

They say that generating positive vibes attracts positive vibes. I find that to be the case here at HG Logistics. HG is a third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are often complimented on our positive and friendly attitudes and customer services. What’s the secret? Being positive generates positive outcomes. Looking at the seemingly disastrous Olympics this year through a positive lens can create a shift in what we are looking for. Even with problems and issues, looking for the best solution through a positive lens is going to yield better results than having a negative, “woe is me”, defeatist stance. HG Logistics solves problems every day. and by doing so with a positive outlook, we can assure a great experience for our customers and carriers.

If you would like to work with a company full of positive thinkers, give us a call at 513-244-3026!


July 29th, 2016


Once in a while, as parents, we find ourselves in a place where we have to make a choice: stay at home or (if possible) take the kiddos to work with us. Luckily, here at HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio, family is welcome. With just a head’s up notice, bringing in a youngster who is not ill is typically an okay thing to do. While there are designated days for this, sometimes it is an emergency situation. As a parent, it is nice to know that I have the option. As a coworker, however, things can get tricky.

A simple search can turn up article after article about why is it not okay to take your children to work. Instead of focusing on the worry about how to handle the situation, let’s take a look at what can be gained.

In the past, I have had to bring my children to school on snow days. Luckily, there was space for them and they all had assignments and reading to do. Keeping them quiet wasn’t much of a challenge and they got to see what it is that I do. It was good for them to observe an office atmosphere in a way that was not intrusive to other workers, but where they could also feel productive in their own way, even if it wasn’t contributing to the business.

Other times, children can really be a novelty to brighten up the day. Having a fresh face perks people up, and having the energy and youth of a child around can also help bring smiles to faces. It also engages coworkers in a new way. They get to see the family side of one another, and how people interact differently with children of different ages.

As children grow older, they can truly be a help in the office. Whether it is filing, making copies or fetching coffee, kids can do the jobs that are easily done but sometimes get put off. At the same time, there is a mutual benefit, because the young ones are also learning about helping out, team work and how to operate in a professional environment. They can also glean greater lessons from their experience that one day might pop up into their memory in their future professional lives.

Today, for example, the Greek girls came in. Taylor and Jada are pictured above, learning one of life’s dirty lessons: someone has to take out the garbage! While it might seem yucky, sometimes it takes these kinds of experiences to help young people realize the importance of hard work, doing your best at all tasks, and being part of a team that takes pride in their space. The girls also had to exercise their minds, as our General Manager, Doug, had the girls come up with creative HG Logistics logos. They even had a friendly contest for the best business quote. They came up with “The purpose of a business is to create customers who create customers” and “Don’t focus on being busy, focus on being productive”. Not too bad!

Family is important here at HG Logistics, and we value the openness of the office and having the option to bring our kids in, in a pinch. We also value the visits we have with our coworkers’ children. We get to learn more about one another, and instill some insight at the same time.

If family oriented businesses like HG are up your alley, give us a call at 513-244-3026. HG is always in the market for sales agents and we would love to help you with your shipping needs!


July 22nd, 2016

images (3)

As the summer heat hits its peak this July, I am preparing for a major life change. I will be moving into a new home. I am not the only one who has to deal with the change, though. My children will all have new bedrooms and living arrangements (no more sharing bedrooms!). My family will have to drive a bit longer to visit. My work commute will change.

With all of those logistical changes also comes the opportunity for even more changes. New rules, refined chore lists, updated furniture and even a change in daily routine can all be a great thing to wake up our senses and improve our lives.

Recently, HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio, has also undergone some change. Over the past several months, cosmetic changes have occurred, such as rearranging desks, taking down and moving cubicle partitions, and painting to name a few. Along with the aesthetics, there has been a change in personnel. While not many have left, HG Logistics has added several new faces to the sales staff and accounting departments.

HG Logistics is looking at these changes as a breath of fresh air, and an opportunity to improve, not just as a company but as individuals as well. When we encounter new faces, we have the choice to avoid or embrace them. Here at HG, the family seems to have grown somewhat naturally. Our GM, Doug, has taken new employees under his wing and worked to help them fly. We look forward to seeing the great things that all of the new additions will bring to the company in the weeks, months, and years to come.

If you are looking for an opportunity to be a part of an inviting, family oriented, lively team, or if you are interested in having a growing and improving logistics provider to aid in your freight needs, contact Doug at 513-244-3026.

HG getting ready to renew Smartway Partnership

July 15th, 2016


You may have noticed the logo attached to someone’s email, or even stuck onto the side of a tractor trailer going down the road, so I thought that I would use today to address the question: What is Smartway?

Smartway is a sustainability effort introduced by the EPA that focuses on the trucking and transportation industry. Since 2004, Smartway and its participants have saved over 170.3 million barrels of oil. With developed countries such as the United States generating much of the pollution due to freight transportation, something had to be done. The Smartway initiative is the US Government and EPA’s collaboration with brokers, trucking and logistics companies to cut down on the impact that moving freight has on the environment.

While Smartway is a voluntary program, HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cicinnati, Ohio has joined the ranks of many who take part in the program. Why? We joined because HG Logistics, while small in size, sees that our company’s participation in the freight industry adds to the pollution that has become so apparent in recent decades. It is indisputable that doing something good for the earth is a positive outcome, so we decided to participate.

What does it mean? Participation in the Smartway program means that we begin the process for certification months in advance. We go through each and every carrier used on our shipments and evaluate them based on their own participation in Smartway as well as how much freight they have moved for us, and how far. Using this information, we are able to upload a profile of what our own impact is, by getting a view of the carriers we choose. By selecting carriers that are Smartway participants, HG Logistics is able to reduce our own environmental footprint.

If you would like to move your freight with a company with an environmental conscience, please give us a call anytime at 513-244-3026! You can also visit us on Facebook!

What can we do?

July 8th, 2016

As I am sure is the case with offices, warehouses and companies all over the United States, overhearing or participating in a conversation about the recent tragedies involving terrorist attacks and police shootings is unavoidable. It is being discussed at children’s ballgames, at the gas station, in bars and restaurants everywhere. Whether we are talking about violence carried out in the name of terrorism, shootings by police and shootings of police, they are all tragic. No one can deny that lives are forever changed by these actions. Many are in disbelief. Celebrities, athletes and politicians are all voicing an opinion or a concern over recent incidents. Regardless of the stance of these things, many everyday people are left asking what they can or should do.

I was thinking about this today driving to work. What can anyone do? I am as horrified and disgusted as the next person about what has happened. Never mind any beliefs I might have about gun rights, terrorism laws, hate crimes, race issues or anything else. The fact remains that human beings are taking away human lives and it needs to stop. Like I assume many others do, I feel like I am an bystander and am totally out of control. How can I make any kind of difference?

My solution is kindness. What if each of us, just one time every day decided to do or say something nice or helpful or generous to another person? Not for someone that we would normally compliment or hold the door for, but for a stranger. If I can do one nice thing for someone I don’t know, might that influence that person to do the same? Even if it doesn’t, at least I know that I have put some good into the world.

Here at HG Logistics, a third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are full of kind people. Many folks here do and say wonderful things for one another and our business partners. I am now putting out a challenge for those here at HG Logistics, our friends, families and business associates to do something kind for a stranger. Don’t just do it today, but each day. Think of the hurt that has been put out into this world and realize that just a little bit of good, spread slowly outside our personal circles, might help to ease just a little of the pain. Take care of one another instead of tearing each other apart. Put a stop to those who bully or insult, or stand up for someone in need. Share, smile, compliment, applaud.

HG Logistics’ employees thoughts and wishes are with all of those victims and families of those involved in recent tragedies, and with those who work daily to serve and protect us as Americans.


To learn more about HG Logistics and our services, please do not hesitate to call us at 513-244-3026.

Celebrating Independence Day!

June 30th, 2016

download (7)

With July 4th just around the corner, it seems fit that our minds think first of the men and women in the Armed Forces who have given, or are giving, tremendous sacrifices to ensure our independence and freedoms as Americans.

For many, this weekend will be filled with celebration. Some plan on taking youngsters to parades through small towns and large cities, collecting candy and memories with each passing float. Others can’t wait for the fireworks celebrations taking place all over the country, in back yards and city centers, lighting up the night sky is an all-time favorite Fourth of July pastime. For most of us, celebrating means that at some point, we will come together with family, friends and neighbors for a good old fashioned cookout.

I was thinking about just that today and wondered if there are any new and delicious recipes that would be worth trying out this weekend. The catch is that they would have to be super easy and fast, because time will at a premium! I did a little searching and this is what I found….

002_thumbQuick, easy and delicious, these super-patriotic strawberries are sure to be a hit with kids and adults. Simply dip your rinsed and drained strawberries in white chocolate candy coating, and before it dries, dip in blue colored sugar. Beautiful!



Another quick and cute treat is the patriotic ice-cream sandwich…simply unwrap pre-made ice cream images (2)sandwiches, allow them to soften just enough to roll in red, white and blue sprinkles and re-freeze.



July-4th-RED-WHITE-AND-BLUE-Berry-Drink-that-is-super-easy-to-make-with-MiO-only-need-3-things-to-make-it-July4th-recipes-MiO-What could be easier than pouring literally and blue drink over white ice and adding red raspberries to the top? Another cute, fast and easy treat! Just be careful- if your party is serving adult beverages and children are around, that everything is kept separate!





A wonderfully simple desert that my family loves is trifle. It is very download (6)simple to layer prepackaged white cake, such as angel food cake, cut into cubes, with strawberries, blue berries and whipped cream. You can even add vanilla pudding if you like it that way. YUM!




What do July 4th celebrations have to do with HG Logistics? Well, for starters, there is patriotism and tradition. HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio, loves our country and its traditions. We believe in the United States and enjoy the freedoms we have. We strive to show our business partners that we do not take things for granted, including those very business partners. We understand the sacrifices that go into protecting our freedom and are proud to put a veteran under our freight whenever possible.

We also celebrate tradition. Traditions here at HG Logistics might not be just like the Independence Day parties we will go to this weekend, but they are foundational to our business just as your get- togethers are foundational to your family and friends. HG prides itself on the traditions of teamwork, respect and diligence.

If these recipes sound sweet, and HG Logistics’ approach sounds even sweeter, give us a call and let one of our committed team members help you with your shipping needs. Talk to any of our dispatchers, sales people, or even call and ask for Doug, our General Manager- to find out what HG and our traditions can offer you!

Give us a  call at 513-244-3026!



Team Loyalty

June 22nd, 2016

Over the weekend, I was with friends watching baseball. With multiple televisions in the area, I was able to watch the Reds play while they watched another -much less important- game. I get picked on quite a bit for being a Cincinnati fan. The Reds and the Bengals tend to give us just enough hope to let us down. Even when we wade into the waters of the playoffs, we usually end up high and dry by the end of it all.

The Bengals haven’t even been to a Super Bowl since 1988, and the Reds haven’t captured the World Series title since 1990, despite a few forays into the fall playoff season.

Cincinnati fans are loyal fans, though, myself included. Unlike most folks around here, I didn’t grow up in the area. I grew up a couple hours north, where almost everyone roots for the Indians and the Browns. My dad was born in Cincinnati, though, and he instilled a love for Cincy sporting teams. His ceaseless chants of “Who Dey” stuck with me, and all these years later, here I am, in Cincinnati, still cheering for the same teams. Through ups and downs, we stand by our teams. We might talk about how terrible they are, but on game-day, we are loyal.

HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio is loyal as well. One of the greatest traits of our company is our loyalty to our customers and our carriers. We stand by those who we serve and we do our best to respect and appreciate those who provide services to us. Even through unavoidable hiccups, HG Logistics remains loyal and committed to providing quality service every time.

This culture of loyalty can be traced back in a simple straight line to the beginning and our General Manager, Doug Bierman. Doug is loyal to his employees, his family, his friends, and his customers and shows it every day. It is easy to be a fan in Cincinnati, because we are all loyal, and our teams are loyal to us.

If loyalty is a trait that you value, and you want to work with like minded  businesses, give Doug a call here at HG Logistics. 513-244-3026.


Good Value or Low Cost?

June 16th, 2016

Have you ever bought a pair of cheap shoes that lasted about a week before they fell apart? What about a cheap dinner? Surely we can all agree that a fast food dollar menu deal isn’t nearly as high quality as a five-star restaurant. Cheap cell phone chargers last about a week and become useless, cheap pens run out of ink…the list goes on…

In the freight industry, especially as third party freight brokers, HG Logistics employees often hear customers say that they want their freight moved for the lowest rate. I can’t imagine trying to count the number of times I have heard “You weren’t the cheapest” or “I can get it done for less” or “Match this other guy’s price and the load is yours”. Many of us understand the idea that a penny saved is a penny earned. I think that we are forgetting to ask one major question, though; Is going cheap the same thing as saving?

What it looks like to use the “Cheap” guy:

Freight customers who go for the low bidder often fall victim to the following scam. A cheap truck will accept your load until a better paying job comes around. If you’re lucky, they’ll call you and let you know they can’t pick up your load, usually with a “flat tire” or “broken reefer”. If you’re not so fortunate, you’ll get a call from your shipper asking why no one came to pick up…now the clock is ticking…you have to log the extra time securing yet another carrier to accept your load. This time, you’re probably going to pay more. Not only that, you’re losing productivity. While you could be invoicing, collecting payments, taking the afternoon off, you are stuck on the phones negotiating truck rates on the same exact load as yesterday. You end up with a late load, if it even picks up on the right day, an annoyed shipper, impatient receiver and your mood is probably suffering as well. The tension that comes with going cheap is starting to mount, and so is the cost. You’re on the hook for the late load, you’ve wasted your day away, you’ve paid more than you should have for your truck and you might even be accountable for the extra hours that the guys on the dock are working to get your product on and off the truck. This might not happen every time. Other times, the cheap guy might send in a dirty trailer for your food load, or a trailer with holes in the floors. Maybe they’ll send in a flatbed to pick up your step-deck load, causing on-site production to grind to a halt. More losses. Ouch.

What it looks like to use HG Logistics

Ask our customers, they’ll tell you. When you choose HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio, you’ll thank yourself. You might have to pay just a little more than you would for the cheap guy, but you’ll save in the long run. We don’t sell our cheap rates, we sell our quality service. HG Logistics fully investigates the carriers that we allow to move our freight. We assure you that our professional and courteous drivers will pick up your load on time, with the correct equipment. Your load will be delivered flawlessly and we will communicate with you throughout to be sure that you are abreast of the status of your product. We won’t leave you with a load to scramble to cover at the last minute, and we won’t lie about even showing up. You’ll have satisfied shippers and receivers because we will send in clean, safe trucks and trailers and drivers who respect you and take pride in their work. You will have the same friendly point of contact in our office to work with each time, and you can rest assured that our small, yet efficient dispatch team will work together to be sure no matter who you reach, everyone is on the same page. You’ll be satisfied with your decision.

I don’t know about you, but I like for the soles of my shoes to stay together, so paying just a bit more sure is worth the value in the long run.


If you’d like to learn more about saving money by choosing value, give HG Logistics a call at 513-244-3026